Tricky Words from Book 3

 Homophones are words that sound the same
but have different spellings and different meanings

a   (eh)

Abel   (able) 

able   (Abel)

ah   (are)

air   (heir)

all   (awl)

an   (Anne)

Anne   (an)

are   (ah)

awe   (or, oar, ore)

ball   (bawl)

bare   (bear)

bawl   (ball)

be   (bee, Bea)

Bea   (be, bee)

bean   (been)

bear   (bare)

bee   (be, Bea)

been   (bean)

blew   (blue)

blue   (blew)

board   (bored)

bored   (board)

bough   (bow)

bow   (bough)

boy   (buoy)

bread   (bred)

bred   (bread)

build   (billed)

buoy   (boy)

but   (butt)

butt   (but)

buy   (by, bye)

by   (buy, bye)

bye   (buy, by)

caught   (court)

cents   (sense, scents)

close   (clothes)

clothes   (close)

coarse   (course)

course   (coarse)

court   (caught)

creak   (creek)

creek   (creak)

dam   (damn)

damn   (dam)

days   (daze)

daze   (days)

dies   (dyes)

done   (dun)

dough   (doe)

earn   (urn, Ern)

eh   (a)

Ern   (earn, urn)

eye   (I, aye)

eyes   (ayes)

fate   (fete)

father   (farther)

fete   (fate)

flaws   (floors)

floors   (flaws)

flour   (flower)

flower   (flour)

for   (four, fore)

foul   (fowl)

four   (for, fore)

fowl   (foul)

gate   (gait)

grate   (great)

great   (grate)

hart   (heart)

heal   (he’ll, heel)

hear   (here)

heard   (herd)

heart   (hart)

heels   (heals)

heir   (air)

he’ll   (heel, heal)

here   (hear)

hoarse   (horse)

hole   (whole)

horse   (hoarse)

hour   (our)

I   (eye, aye)

I’ll   (aisle, isle)

in   (inn)

its   (it’s)

it’s   (its)

jam   (jamb)

knead   (need)

kneel   (Neil)

knew   (new, gnu)

knight   (night)

knot   (not)

know   (no)

knows   (nose, noes)

lead   (led)

led   (lead)

lo   (low)

loo   (Lou)

Lou   (loo)

low   (lo)

made   (maid)

maid   (made)

may   (Mae)

mean   (mien)

meat   (meet, mete)

meet   (meat, mete)

meets   (metes)

metal   (mettle)

might   (mite)

mind   (mined)

mined   (mind)

missed  (mist)

mist  (missed)

moor  (more)

more  (moor)

morning   (mourning)

mourning   (morning)

need   (knead)

Neil   (kneel)

new   (knew,  gnu)

night   (knight)

no   (know)

none   (nun)

nose   (knows, noes)

not   (knot)

oar   (or, ore, awe)

one   (won)

or   (oar, ore, awe)

our   (hour)

pall  (Paul)

passed   (past)

past   (passed)

Paul   (pall)

paw   (poor, pour, pore)

pawing   (pouring, poring)

peace   (piece)

pee   (pea)

pie   (pi)

piece   (peace)

place   (plaice)

poor   (pour, paw, pore)

poring   (pouring, pawing)

pour   (poor, paw, pore)

pouring   (poring, pawing)

rain   (rein, reign)

read   (reed, Reid)

read   (red)

red   (read)

reed   (read, Reid)

Reid   (read, reed)

reign   (rain, rein)

reins   (rains, reigns)

road   (rode, rowed)

room   (rheum)

roots   (routes)

sails   (sales)

sales   (sails)

saw   (sore, soar)

scene   (seen)

scents   (sense, cents)

sea   (see)

see   (sea)

seen   (scene)

sense   (scents, cents)

sew   (so, sow)

Shaw   (shore, sure)

shore   (sure, Shaw)

side   (sighed)

sighed   (side)

so   (sew, sow)

soar   (sore, saw)

son   (sun)

sore   (saw, soar)

steal   (steel)

steel   (steal)

sun   (son)

tail   (tale)

tale   (tail)

tea   (tee)

tee   (tea)

the   (thee)

their   (there, they’re)

there   (their, they’re)

they’re   (there, their)

threw   (through)

through   (threw)

thyme   (time)

time   (thyme)

to   (too, two)

toad   (towed)

toes   (tows)

too   (to, two)

towed   (toad)

tray   (trey)

turn   (tern)

two   (to, too)

urn   (earn,  Ern)

vain   (vein, vane)

vane   (vain, vein)

vein   (vain, vane)

wail   (whale)

wait   (weight)

wares   (wears, where’s)

way   (weigh, whey)

we   (wee, whee)

wear   (where, ware, we’re)

wears   (wares, where’s)

weather   (whether, wether)

wee   (we, whee)

weight   (wait)

we’ll   (wheel)

were   (whirr)

we’re   (where, wear, ware)

wet   (whet)

whale   (wail)

what   (watt)

wheel   (we’ll)

when   (wen)

where   (wear, ware, we’re)

where’s   (wears, wares)

whet   (wet)

whether   (weather, wether)

which   (witch)

whirled   (world)

whirr   (were)

white   (wight)

whole   (hole)

who’s   (whose)

whose   (who’s)

witch   (which)

won   (one)

wood   (would)

world   (whirled)

would   (wood)

wrapped   (wrapt, rapped, rapt)

write   (right, rite, wright)

yew   (you, ewe)

yore   (your, you’re)

you   (ewe, yew)

your   (you’re, yore)

you’re   (your, yore)

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